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Our Program

Who says you can't mix business and pleasure? The Just Be-YOU-tiful Girls Business Summer Camp program does just that while offering girls a safe place to have fun, learn, and grow during the long hot days of summer. Our program not only equips girls with tangible and marketable skills, but also cultivates the confidence needed to make use of the skills they acquire (all while including lots of great trips, exciting activities, and fun crafts)!
At the core of our program is our commitment to help each girl start her own journey towards greatness and purpose. This is truly the reason we focus on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and wealth building. Girls love to dream big and that requires money, networking skills, and more.

This is our commitment to you: at JBG, your daughter will receive the finance education she needs to be successful, both now and as an adult. We help her build a solid wealth-foundation through financial literacy and immersive entrepreneurship.
Now, we could stop right there. We could feel satisfied that the families of the girls we serve view us as a positive reinforcement. After all, we provide instruction on a subject that is generally not addressed in classrooms. But... we don't stop there. Nope, we keep going. We bring in professionals and mentors to help motivate the girls, reinforce positive messages, and give them tools straight from their own toolboxes.
We know that knowledge/motivation without tools equals sheer frustration. Our girls deserve excellence, so we attend to both the financial and psychological preparation of purpose fulfillment. Then we stop. Sit back. And celebrate as our girls spread their sunshine all over their corner of the world!

Finance & Entrepreneurship

Finance & Entrepren.

Besides the quest for purpose, finance and entrepreneurship are the main components of our program. We partner with banks, business owners, and SCORE Mentors to bring our girls a variety of financial and business resources.

Our campers are divided into 4 groups:

  1. Sunbeams (focus is on wants vs. needs, discovering marketable talents, budgeting, and more)

  2. Petals (focus is on business basics, tweaking the lemonade stand idea, intro to selling platforms like Etsy, and more)

  3. Tulips (focus is on benefits of several income streams, intro to a kid-friendly business plan, learning networking and fundraising, and more)

  4. Blooms (focus is on starting a business, incorporation, marketing, and more)

All groups learn basic finance principles like saving, budgeting, and banking.

Yesss, we really did that! Etiquette was included in our program to help girls develop poise and finesse at the dinner table and beyond. Having etiquette also gives girls an extra dose of confidence and enables them to seamlessly transition to any sophisticated setting without feeling out of place. Our certificate etiquette course makes learning etiquette fun and easy!

Confidence & Character-Building

Let's face it, intelligence, money, and even talents will get you but so far in life. It is equally important to cultivate good character and confidence. So at JBG, we pinpoint positive characteristics in each girl to celebrate and encourage. For example, the talkative child often gets a bad rap, but really, what's the difference between a talkative child and a motivational speaker? Wisdom. That's it. A motivational speaker knows what to say, how to say it, and when to say it in order to influence change in the lives of others. So we keep the talkativeness, add wisdom, and give them a platform to use their "skill," which just became marketable due to your newfound perspective!

Here are the JBG Valued (and encouraged) Characteristics:

  • Confidence

  • Compassion

  • Collaboration

  • Determination

  • Excellence

  • Friendship

  • Focus

  • Honesty

  • Initiative

  • Kindness

  • Leadership

  • Respect

  • Self-Appreciation

In addition to character-building, girls in our program participate in fun activities specifically geared towards boosting the confidence, self-perception, and self-esteem of young girls.

Arts & Crafts


Our program includes lots of fun arts & crafts for all ages. Arts & crafts help to unleash the creative genius inside of each girl! So our team has put together a bunch of great crafts for campers to participate in. Some crafts are for the sole purpose of exploring interests and passions. Others are coordinated with trips and activities. We have vision board crafts, confidence-themed crafts, jewelry-making crafts, DIY body care products, and so much more!


Hi, I'm

Ms. Etiquette B. Charming. Welcome to my super fun Etiquette Class!

Confidence & Character-Building
Arts & Crafts


Now it's your turn to be in control. Let your imagination run wild! You're the boss! Always wanted a secret door in your bedroom that led to a whole other world? Well get to daydreaming! If it exists in your mind, it can exist in the pages of a book. At camp, you'll have a chance to turn your creative ideas into a real published book!

Anyone who's ever written a book knows how empowering and exhilarating it is! You get to invite your readers into a whole new world that exists completely in your mind! Reality has no restrictions on you. You get to speak things into existence and bring people, things, and ideas to life! That is what our Authorship Event is all about: letting girls know that their words are powerful and can shape the life they want!


Trips & More!

Special event days, trip days, Compassion Work, academic challenges, pizza parties, fun and games: they're all waiting for you!


Trips & More!
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