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Finance & Entrepreneurship

Saving is fun and easy, especially when you're doing it as a group. At camp, you'll have lots of sisters/fellow campers to cheer you on! No allowance? No problem.

God gives all of us power to get wealth!

-(Deuteronomy 8:18)

Well what does that mean?

  1. Your gift/talent is your power to get wealth!

  2. You don't have to be poor in order for me to be rich!

Start Now! It's Easy!

1. First, decide what you would like to save for (a new skirt, a cool gadget, college).

2. Next, make some rules about spending & saving (ex. I will save 75% of all my allowance or I will not spend more than 50% of my money. That means if I have $100, I will not spend more than $50 on a new toy).

3. Then set your goals. How much do you want to save? When do you want to have it saved? Get your calendar out and chart your progress. 

Saving is easy when you follow these simple rules.

Here's How:

Hmm, I wonder how much I can save by Christmas! 

4. Stick to your plan. Resist the urge to spend. Window shopping often turns into real shopping. Back away from the mall! Learning to save is just like any other skill. If you spend more than you should, get back on track. The more you practice, the better you will be at it!

5. Encourage others to save also. This is a great idea because no one will need to borrow your money if they are saving also! That's a win-win! You can even start a savings challenge with your own family.

6. Resist the urge to lend! Sometimes it may be hard to say no when someone asks you for money and promises to pay it back. Try asking if you can help in another way. If you must lend money, create a list of conditions for lending money ahead of time. Remember, only lend what you can afford to lose. And let the borrower agree to specific terms like paying the money back in 2 weeks. 

7. And finally, watch your money grow! The more you save, the more you will want to save and others will want to help you save also!


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