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Who We Are

Who We Are

Just Be-YOU-tiful Girls Business Summer Camp is a financial literacy and entrepreneurship program just for girls! Our six-week program is loaded with tons of summer fun and offers girls the opportunity to build self-confidence, become financially fit, and explore their inner entrepreneur.

The purpose of our program is to help girls discover their own purposes sooner rather than later in life. That way, more of their time is spent working on their purpose instead of looking for it.

Our girls come from various financial backgrounds, but all of them learn skills that will enable them to build wealth and fund their own dreams. Girls in our program know that they don't have to wait until they're older, they can be great now!

Here, at Just Be-YOU-tiful Girls Business Summer Camp, in addition to teaching girls lifelong financial principles and how to start businesses, we constantly reaffirm their inner and outer beauty, inspiring a deep sense of self-love, self-worth, and self-confidence. Using women from the Bible to reinforce these values empowers girls to not just fly, but soar!



Our mission at Just Be-YOU-tiful Girls Business Summer Camp is to assist girls in attaining financial freedom by helping them discover and unleash their own unique set of talents and creativity. Achieving financial success means that they can launch businesses, fund their own dreams, and live their best lives. All girls are celebrated for their own brand of beauty and are comfortable around that of others. Why? Because they know that Just Being You is awesome too!

The Pledge

The Just Be-YOU-tiful Girls Pledge

I am beautiful inside and out.

I am the best at being me without a doubt!

I am here for a purpose that I must fulfill,

so I will use all of my talents and skills!

I am a kind, confident, and virtuous girl,

and with God by my side, I can change my world!

The choice is mine, it's all up to me.

I can soar like an eagle or stand tall like a tree!

I am equipped to be all God wants me to be,

so I'll never forget to celebrate me! 

JBG Prayer

JBG Prayer

Dear God,

You gave me talents, this I know,

But I must discover them & let them grow.

So open my eyes & let me see

the purpose & destiny You have for me.

Give me the courage to be all I should.

I want to blossom like a f lower would.

From this day on, I'll be phenomenal,

for You have made me Be-You-tiful!

Core Beliefs & Values

Core Beliefs & Values

At Just Be-You-tiful Girls, we believe that when it comes to children, it's so important to be intentional. That means nurturing good habits and capitalizing on every opportunity to teach a positive lesson and make a positive impact.

Here are the JBG valued characteristics and traits:

  • Compassion               

  • Confidence

  • Collaboration

  • Determination

  • Excellence

  • Focus

  • Friendship

  • Honesty

  • Initiative

  • Kindness

  • Leadership

  • Respect

  • Self-Appreciation


Our cherished founder, Rashida George, says she can't take all the credit for creating her girl-empowering organization, Just Be-You-tiful Girls, Inc. She's had an extraordinary business partner from the very beginning. Many of you may already know Him. He's the bestselling author of many books, such as the Bible! Here's her inspiring story of how it all started...

I  had come to that all too familiar point in life where we begin to demand validation for our existence. We begin to ask questions like, "What kind of legacy will I leave behind? Did I do everything I was supposed to do in life? Did I use my talents? Did I live? Did I let my greatness breathe or did I bury it?"

I thought I was doing okay in life until it occurred to me that my eulogy would look a lot different from the people I admired! Sure, people would say that I was kind, generous, creative, compassionate, etc. But did my existence have any profound impact on those around me? When I splashed into this phenomena called time, did I even make a wave?

Well the only One I know with answers to questions like those is God, so I asked Him. And it was as though He said, "Finally!" I literally began to get ideas and desires that lined up with my purpose immediately! I did absolutely no work with the 1st verse of my organization's theme song. I mentioned to myself, "I think I'm going to need a theme song." Within the same breath, the first verse complete with a catchy tune just spilled out!

That was a gift because after that, my Boss and aforementioned Business Partner put me to work! Just Be-YOU-tiful Girls has been in the making for years and often it felt like a baby who has passed its due date. But I had to wait for God's timing. Sometimes it was hard to wait for my purpose to be born. You don't want a stillborn. You don't want your dreams, purpose, and greatness to die in the womb, before it has had a chance to live.

And then you feel movement (a dream, an idea, an epiphany) and you become keenly aware that your purpose is on the way! Labor is over and you are about to give birth to your dreams, your purpose, and all that God has put inside of you!

Our Founder
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