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Are You A Fan Of Just Be-YOU-tiful Girls? Want To Be Our BFF?

So you heard about Just Be-YOU-tiful Girls and you lovvve us! Matter of fact, you can think of quite a few special little girls (or big girls) who would love to attend, but the program is not in your state... yet.
What do you do?

Request it, of course! It's so easy. Just send us a brief email telling us where (city and state) you want our program to come and how it will benefit the girls you know. That's it! Ask and it shall be given. Also, check out our virtual camp program!

When enough people from your city have requested the program, we're coming to your state! So spread the word! Tell your family and friends to send us an email and before you know it, your girls will have access to all the resources our program has to offer!


Thanks! Message sent.

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